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The following distinguished Speakers have accepted our invitation to give a Keynote Lecture at the Conference:


Inverse Problems: Releasing the Potential of the Experimental Thermofluid Dynamics

Fabio Bozzoli

Fabio Bozzoli obtained his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Parma in 2001 and his PhD in Industrial Engineering from the same institution in 2004. From 2005 he was appointed at University of Parma first as Assistant Professor, then as Associate Professor.

With a primary focus on the solution of the inverse heat transfer problems, his research involves both theoretical and experimental approaches. He specializes in developing innovative data processing techniques applied to the estimation of local convective heat transfer coefficients. His important contributions include original results in the field of infrared thermographic mapping, where he has devised novel techniques to estimate the distribution of convective heat transfer coefficients on enhanced surfaces. Particularly, his work addresses challenges in the food industry. More recently, these advanced techniques have found successful applications in the investigation of heat pipes, specifically addressing challenges within the aerospace sector.


Improving Thermal Performances of Channel Flows: from Traditional to Novel Shapes of Structured Surfaces and Special Conforming

Alfonso Niro

Alfonso Niro graduated with a MS degree in Nuclear Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1982. In 1987;he was awarded a PhD degree in Energetics from Politecnico with a thesis on wickless heat pipes operation, mainly focused on boiling instabilities at low reduced-pressure. From 1987 to spring 1988 he was a research fellow at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. In 1988; he joined the faculty of Engineering at the University of Brescia. From 1990 he was appointed at Politecnico di Milano first as Assistant Professor, then as Associate Professor, and from 2001 as Full Professor in Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.

His research activities are currently concerned with forced convection over enhanced surfaces. His works are carried out via both computational and experimental methods adopting preferably non-intrusive optical techniques. More recently, he is also dealing with spectral and directional radiometric properties of both opaque and transparent materials, as well as thermal conductivity of metallic foams and composite materials.  In addition to these major research areas, he has been also involved as PI in national and international research projects about heat transfer problems and thermal analysis of a large variety of devices, systems, and processes in a very broad spectrum of engineering applications. Finally, Professor Niro is author of more than 100 scientific papers and since 2001 covered many scientific and executive roles inside and outside Politecnico.


Heat Transfer Enhancement: Exploring Nanofluids and Devices

Antonio C. M. Sousa

Antonio C. M. Sousa received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal-Fluids) from the Victoria University of Manchester (UMIST), England, UK, in 1976. Prior to his graduate studies (MSc and PhD), he had three years of academic and industrial activity.
He joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Brasília, Brazil soon after the award of his PhD degree, first as Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies and later on as Acting Chair. Late in 1977, he became a Senior Engineer at the Brazilian Nuclear Companies, SA.
He participated in the First Fuel Reload Project of Angra I Westinghouse 600 MWe PWR. Soon after the completion of the project in 1980, he took an Associate Professorship (Mechanical Engineering) at University of New Brunswick (UNB-Canada); in 1985, he was promoted to Full Professor.
In 2010, he retired from UNB and became a Professor Emeritus (2012). Since then he has collaborated with University of Aveiro (Portugal), where he is a Principal Investigator, and, as a Visiting Fellow, with GIEC – Chinese Academy of Sciences.
He is an Honorary Member of the Italian Union of Thermal-Fluid Dynamics (UIT), a European Engineer, and a Fellow and Energy Expert of the Order of Engineers (Portugal).